The Gallini Group is a special education law firm that focuses on the representation of children with special needs throughout the states of Alabama, Texas, and New Mexico.

Our attorneys represent students who receive a variety of special education services, including students with autism, learning disabilities (including dyslexia), ADHD, speech and language impairments, intellectual disability, emotional, physical and developmental disabilities, and behavioral concerns.  Our special education lawyers have a broad range of experience in special education law and have assisted hundreds of families in creating the most appropriate and beneficial educational programming for their children.

Due to a climate of ‘zero tolerance’ in school conduct, we aggressively represent children with disciplinary issues (suspension, expulsion, or criminal juvenile complaints) that may be caused by a qualifying disability.  ‘Compulsory Education’ laws require parents to send their children to school.  In some cases, a parent is held criminally responsible for not sending their child to school and/or not controlling their child while at school. This is frequently misapplied and schools do not always look at the justifiable exceptions to this law. The Gallini Group represents parents who have been accused of violating the compulsory education laws.

There are some students who do not require specialized teaching yet do require accommodations.  Our team understands the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and will assist your child in getting the necessary and reasonable accommodations that the law requires.

The Gallini Group is a law firm dedicated entirely to the field of special education law, representing children with disabilities and learning difficulties whose families disagree with their public school districts.  Our attorneys have a thorough and complete understanding of the federal and state laws and regulations governing the educational rights of children with special needs.  They have extensive experience working with families and practicing special education law, and have unique insight into how individual school districts operate, who the key decision-makers are, and what factors play the biggest role in decisions related to specialized services.

Our attorneys frequently utilize the expertise of highly qualified outside educational experts to strengthen your case with sound professional opinions.  An independent medical, psychological, educational, or behavioral evaluation by a well-credentialed professional is often a necessary tool in demonstrating a child’s particular needs.  Parents are educated and guided through this process of ensuring that their children are receiving a “free and appropriate public education”, thus empowering them to advocate on their child’s behalf following the successful conclusion of the case.