Who Are We?

From the legal advocacy Facebook page, 'Ask a Special Education Attorney', this is a extension of the education/training being provided to parents, advocates and educators in the area of special education law and 504 by renowned special education attorney, James R. Gallini.

James Gallini is an innovator in the area of Special Education and Civil Rights law by looking at representation and strategy in a new and unique way. He has never accepted the idea that the way things are currently done is the only way, the best way or the most efficient. Mr. Gallini has proven his willingness to challenge the various branches of government and fight in ways that few are able or willing to do. By using and replicating this tenacious approach, his firm has changed outcomes for his clients, improved conditions in public school classrooms, secured training and supports for our educators, and protected students from excessive punishment within the education and judicial system in AL, NM, and TX.

The Law is Complex

Let us help you wade through the complicated nature of IDEA and Special Education Law. Through instructional videos, helpful downloads, and in depth Q & A sessions, you could be navigating your next IEP meeting like a pro!